advproxy - The Advanced Web Proxy add-on



Advanced Proxy is an add-on module for the popular Linux based firewall distributions IPCop and SmoothWall, extending their web proxy functionality with a lot of versatile and useful additional features.

The package contains a squid binary recompiled with advanced configuration options for maximum flexibility. The Advanced Proxy graphical user interface gives you access to much more settings than the built-in proxy GUI does.

Key features of Advanced Proxy

  • Seamless GUI integration for advanced web proxy configuration
  • Local user authentication including group based user management
  • identd (RFC 1413) authentication
  • LDAP authentication including Active Directory, eDirectory and OpenLDAP
  • Windows authentication including native Windows domains and Samba
  • RADIUS authentication
  • Extended cache management
  • Web access control by IP and MAC addresses
  • Download throttling
  • Time based access restrictions
  • Classroom extensions for supervising web access by classrooms
  • MIME type filter
  • Blocking of unauthorized browsers or client software
  • Automatic client configuration support (PAC and WPAD)


2011-05-09: Advanced Proxy 3.0.6 for IPCop 1.4 and SmoothWall 3.0 available for download.

2008 October: Support and development for Advanced Proxy on SmoothWall 2.0 has been discontinued

Important notice regarding email support requests:
People who sent me emails in the past probably noticed that I am not responsive to mails related to support requests or questions already covered by the docs. Please try to read the docs first. Thank you for being appreciative!

advproxy © Copyright 2004-2011 by Marco Sondermann - Last update: 2011-05-09 - Current versions are: 3.0.6 for IPCop 1.4 / 3.0.5 for SmoothWall 3.0

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